Our Fundraising Supporters

An enormous thanks to the people in the Our Fundraiser's Pages who are using their own time and effort to raise money for Kirstys Kids.

Your Event?

If anyone would like to fund raise on behalf of Kirsty's Kids or can help in anyway please contact us 01687470404 or email john@kirstysKids.org.

Kirsty's Kids needs people like you to fundraise and help us do what we do - help to improve the lives of children, including those who are suffering from serious life limiting illnesses, children with special needs and their siblings.

If you would like to set up an event of your own to help Kirsty's Kids please contact us and we will help providing you with badges and T shirts for the organisers.

We will be able to help you make sure your John collecting for kirstyskids.orgevent is successful giving you all the support you need.

I am sure there are thousands of exciting ways you can help - a school sponsored bounce, just like Kirsty did, bet no one can beat 80 in a minute or can they?

Have fun, cos Kirsty always wanted kids to have fun raising cash for those in serious need of help.

Thanks for dropping in on our events page.

Take care and tremendous thanks for all your help.

Kindest regards,