2013 Moscow Challenge Johns Blog

John has now successfully completed the Moscow Challenge and is back home.

This page contains a collection of comments and blog's from John, during the run to Moscow.

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Saturday 10 August - Facebook


With £300.00s to go into the bank from the wee bucket on Monday this brings us just over the £10,000 we still have £4800 to go to reach this fundraising target. Please don't give up on us. As a completely voluntary charity which ensures no person profits or receives monetary gain due to the misfortune of the worlds children we struggle to receive donations because we don't spend on advertising.

Without donations we cannot continue our work. 

52 of kirstyskids went to Edinburgh for a special climbing day, clown doctors were able to attend CHAS, light and sound sensory equipment for assisted needs kids. 150 kids in the UK benefit from our help due to fun specialist rehabilitation camps, specialist equipment was purchased for Scotland's children's hospice to name just some of the things we have done. We need to help so many more.

Russian children will benefit from our input which will help to enable Russia to fund and build their own children's hospice at a time when the country currently has none. This will be down to your support imagine a country with no children's hospice. Some countries do not allow children to receive palative care when they are diagnosed with terminal illness. Some countries still institutionalise kids with assisted needs and some families still feel shame and hide their assisted needs children from public never allowing them to go out! These countries exist and with your help we can change this.

Children and their families stay at Trust house as a result of your fundraising we can take them on Special Highland holidays of discovery. Please don't let politics or current affairs put you off donating. The kids are not politicians they have no choice. They did not choose to have serious life limiting illnesses or short life expectancy. Help us help the kids receive palative care. 

Together we can share our work and the work of leading organisations such as Children's Hospice Associations. Showing world leaders best practice and the benefits organisations such as Scotland's Hospice Association has made to families in the UK. We are inspiring other countries. 

Please don't think that we are ineffective because we have no overheads. Although we are not a business charity we do deliver 100% we love to see kids smile and learn to cope. Our volunteers are carefully selected and qualified but do not receive pay they do this on their spare time qualified nurses, careers, Police officers currently serving and retired all get inv loved. They care enough giving up spare time to do just that they care about the kids. Volunteers giving up free time does not mean we are amateurs at delivering to the kids. In-fact our Chairman is a retired Police officer who served in the busy city centre environments of UK as well as rural and island locations in Scotland. Dealing with the worst live dished out to the kids has enabled him to understand social needs and with specialist training during his career helps ensure every penny goes to the right place. Nothing is therefore lost through miss guided good intent. Negotiation and discussions at the highest level and networking with leading children's and government authorities gets us to the heart of the problems and allows us to make a positive contribution to the welfare of the worlds children. Just because we are not earning our living from your donations does not make us ineffective.

Thanks for the continued support.

Tuesday 30 July - Facebook

To everyone I have met this last 3 weeks you are all fantastic. You are the strength which drives us forward to help the children. I am about to drink a wee toast to everyone who has and continues to support Kirsty's Kids see you tomorrow for the last leg. I have been in the hands of Scotland's Blue Knights this evening. Paul Gallagher sorry brother I just found out you had arranged an escort hope to see you tomorrow.

Monday 29 July - Facebook

I have woken up in some strange places to wake up beside Kirsty's Kids sun flowers was very special in Kirsty's words with the sun flower keep on smiling. Which is why we have the sun flower as our logo.

Sunday 28 July - Facebook

Difficult for me to leave such company I will never forget the companionship of German Blue Knight's. I will be back. From Kirsty's Kids we are so great full for the support you have provided to the children god bless — with Webs BK G II and Rainer Engler.

Sunday 27 July - Facebook

From Germany 35 Blue Knights you have reduced me to being overwhelmed another 300 Euros for Kirsty's Kids on behalf of the Trust and the children who will have their lives enriched thank you my brothers and sisters for this support awesome.

Fantastic run this morning and have arrived at this amazing place I am overwhelmed by Herbert Schwarz and Ramona Schwarz they have kindly donated a jacket to keep me dry and warm in the way north to the Scottish Highlands. Thank you so much guy's this is absolutely incredible. I am quite overcome by the way everyone continues to support. Thanks

Fantastic reception on route to Touratech — with Sven Bohl, Karsten Cladow, Ute Feld and Robert Dörflinger.

25 July - Facebook


Berlin to Butzbach.

Next stop Touratech then France when you see the wee tiny bucket please donate thanks to England, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden Norway, Lapland, Finland.

France here we come please help us help the kid's. Kirsty's Kids — with Sheredar in Russia fantastic response from our Russian v.


It goes without saying I had rhe most incredible warm honourable reception from our Russian fellow cops and have great memories of many notes from Russian Moscow residents putting cash in the fickle wee child's bucket.

Tuesday 23 July - Facebook


"I would like to express my warm gratitude to my German Police friends who met me on my way north and on my way back south.

Comfortable bed last night Volker Svoboda, help with the bike. Companionship on the ride from Poland. The wonderful meal haven't eat so well for a wee while, for the wee dram of Scottish Whisky. Guys thanks for being there, thanks a million for caring. Hope I get a chance to meet up some more this trip.

179 miles and I will be with my daughter, Jennie Bryden, for 2 days. Need to rest, the knees are telling me to stop for a wee while, Jennie.

PS I am so sorry this Hairy Highlander wrecked your vice fixing the bike, Volker. Also great wee news flash as we get ready to go home I will be meeting a very special seven year old wee boy who is coming to use Kirstyskids.org Trust House. Hope I can teach him to fish and have fun. Makes me so happy please keep donating. We need your support."

Monday 22 July - Facebook


"In 2006 I rode 4700 miles, in 14 days, on a super sports bike with emergency service men to save the lives of children. We made it count. Details of what was achieved to follow.

This time I had 1 day waiting for a ferry and 3 days in Moscow. SO IN 14 DAYS I have taken a 125cc motor bike the equivalent of fully 1 quarter of the way round the circumference of planet earth.

Just topped 6,000 miles of mud, dirt, rock, shale and tarmac roads. Please help me help the kid's by donating sharing and supporting. I am

United we can change the way we treat the world's children."


"For me good progress is being able to build more than one children's hospice and one care facility. So far we have enough to buy 3 beds.

Progress is about getting the kids the help and support. It is frustrating for me here I can't upload my reasons because of the lack of Internet. If I could I think people would understand what progress means to me. This is not about me. It is not a memorial trip it isn't about Kirsty. It is only about kirstyskids.org getting what they need.

Remember to Kirsty all children who were disadvantaged and in serious need were her kids. The trust cannot make progress without global support. Working with Russia in a critical time, when western aid has been rejected, is a very positive step forward. But we need global support to keep the work progressing.

Riding this bike till it breaks to pieces is not working. I do not know what to do to make the world see from my eyes the enormity of this work. For those who no longer need to carry water from a dirty stream to provide for sick kids. It is hard to put yourself in the state of mind it needs to see.

Sunday 21 July

09:28 - FacebookA friend of Kirstyskids.org

"Friend just filled the tank for kirstyskids.org. More cash for the children. Thank you from everyone at kirstyskids.org."

09:02 - Jan

John contacted me this morning - no internet but wanted to let people who are new to KK (people he has met on his trip) know why he is doing this.

"I took myself to Norcap because this is where children from every continent met and created a monument to represent peace from a childs eyes. I hoped that if I went there and symbolically kicked some snow it might descend into an avalanche of support. 

I also wanted children who had become unwell or had suffered in any way to contact KK to show encourage others that you can go on to full lives.

Friendship has been formed between Scotland and Russia and together we can bridge any prejudice or 'differences' we may have and build hope in children for a future."

Saturday 20 July - Facebook


"Main roads and heavy rain causes fatigue."

"This was never going to be easy."

"Nearly lost my sense of humour for a second lets not drop her now."

Hard going on muddy road in LLithuania Hard going on muddy road in LLithuania Hard going on muddy road in LLithuania


"Heading for .... last 7000 and thousands of camps and centres for kids, not just one in each country. Sorry hope you can work out as for heat wave, cold and wet just keeps following me. Keep some sun for me."


"OK bike time out this morning she's tired needs the first bike shop in Germany. Finished talking to Estonian children's hospice care volunteer. Headfing for Lithuania and Latvia. We need publicity to raise the profile and £7,000 and we need it to help make a huge difference to the lives of the kids. We need thousands of xamos not just one. Your donations are helping to make this happen.

Please help me to help the kid's. Thanks for your support as this where I get my strength."

Friday 19 July - Facebook


It was a no stopping option Stuart the requirement to press on, my only option.

Hello from Estonia. Will put up video update soon cheers guys and everyone.

The trip has created unprecedented opportunities in a time when charity aid had been rejected from Russia. Suffice to say. I will be working very closely with the administration in Russia through our work done in the name of Kirstyskids.org We have not only knocked on Russias door but been invited to work in unified intrests of all our children.

I am honoured to have been invited to return with my own selected team to help in the new build children's hospice project.The first of its kind in Russia, with 20 million in Moscow alone. This is one small step for the children, but a huge step forward between our Nations in working, not in comparison, but in dignity, honour and compassion in one common goal to help prevent the suffering of our worlds children.

Russia and Scotland wish to work hard together at our common aims and objectives, sharing ideas and biliding friendship. I now need much more support at government level and ask for donations to help me carry forward Kirstys work in Russia. Thank you"

Wednesday 17 July - Facebook


"OK everyone, Kirsty's magical coincidence has postponed my departure from Russia tomorrow. The government has just signed the release of land to build the first children's hospice in Russia.

I am invited to attend the adult hospice in Moscow to discuss the advantages and the ability of the hospice in Scotland's CHAS to create a fun happy environment for children. I am overwhelmed by this and that kirstyskids.org is being invited to provide advice through in work with CHAS.

Charities working together can make a greater difference across the world. I ask you to consider showing support by helping me raise the cash we need to continue to do our work. I am now convinced my journey is worth the hard work. Your in gratitude John"


"Maybe my last communication until I reach Estonia. A busy day today with Russian media. Seeing the facilities and discussion with sharing construction and design ideas. Talks on the first 60 children to benefit from this wonderful centre. TV and National News have really taken kirstyskids.org to heart. Helping us help Sheredar gain support is vital. I am so proud of everyone who is supporting our work.


"Will update today's event's soon. Massive steps have been made today here at Sheredar and with meeting the Commissioner with Police. I have held talks and visited the police training centre here.

I am privileged to have been able to form new bonds of friendship and am pleased to say that Russian Police are just as my European officers. They are there to protect not to hinder. I had an incredible opportunity to visit police HQ and training facility to share laughter and friendship with my Russian Police comrades.

Tuesday 16 July - Facebook


"Hi John here. "Tganjs" everyone. Internet is sporadic. I am using two days to conference and forge bonds between children of Scotland and the children of Russia, through the fantastic efforts of Sheredar and kirstyskids. Please remember we are only able to help the children because of you and your support. I am proud to have been able to carry the message of love and friendship from Scotland's children and will carry home reciprocated equal messages home from Russia with love.

I am pleased to have been the dispatch rider for the children of these two Nations. Mass press conference and discussion tomorrow better comb Eeyores hair for Russian TV

Monday 15 July - Facebook

Click here for video from John - 200 miles to go to Moscow.

Sunday 14 July - Jan

No news since going into Russia. Vodaphone would not give John a workable (cheap rate) contract for Russia. So only contact may be if he gets someones internet access. Just a waiting game now until he emerges again. Unless we get a request for a cake with a file in it!!!

Friday 12 July - Facebook


"She's a wee road bike learning to be a trial bike. My feet are on the back pegs and taking them one staged section at a time. Wind is picking up to Siberian chill factor heck its chilly. Chillier than a chilly thing on a really cold day in cold Lapland. Must admit this is becoming one heck of a challenge."


"Prancer, Dancer, Rudolph, come on who can name them? This is got to be worth a donation. Found wandering in this wilderness, not used to wee bikes, he came over to meet Eeyore."


"Hello Finland."


"Just over £7,000 pounds left to raise so we can make the difference to those kids. We have a growing list of kids who need our help.

This morning many folk might be wondering. WHY Nordcapp? For me it was an important step in promoting our message from kirstyskids.org. This is the place where children from every continent on our planet were taken to design monumental stones for world peace. These were designed by our children working together. It was to me a way to spell out the importance of getting our children to work together. I wish to remind everyone that only by children sharing and pairing with schools and group's around the world can we ensure a peaceful future. Kids are not born to hate let their love for each other be allowed to flourish and give us the wisdom to make this happen."

Thursday 11 July - Facebook

Day 8 Foot Prints.

22:06 - Facebook

"Its getting more isolated tonight, nothing on the roads and pretty remote. Just been along the Northern coast line, so going to stop and heat a pan of water to cook my catch. Sticking by the rules no restaurants and living on what I can get. Cant wait to get cooking. Brear Grils or hairy bikers you decide photo coming soon."

16:15 - Facebook

"Tried to record things but [it's]impossible. I have camped and worked in hurricanes."

"I have never experienced such exposed life threatening weather conditions for such a long sustained period of the time. There is no shelter."


Click here for video message from John.

Click here for an other video message from John.

14:00 - Jan Bryden

"When parked at the most northerly point the motorbike actually lifted from the ground and blew over causing a bit of damage.  He is riding on. Because of the wind against him, not damage, the bike will only go around 10 mph and passing lorries are making it quite dangerous.  He is going to push on though and try to get out of it as soon as poss."


Wednesday 10 July

Day 7 Foot Prints.

20:56 - Facebook

"She's blowing well higher wind's forecast so going to build a stone shelter for the bike and sit it out till morning. Hope the rain eases by then. Its been a good day, 61 miles about 80kms to go till I get the bike as far as land will allow. About 1,000 miles inside Arctic circle. Happy days."

08:09 - Facebook

"Yesterday I concentrated on needing cash to help the children through Kirstyskids.org. We still do. I want to remind everyone of the other reason for this.

I have in Kirsty's bike here with me a gift from the children in Scotland to the children in Moscow. It is a school jumper written with a few message of love and fun to their Russian friends. As a house is built on a strong base at the ground then so to should our governments.

The children of our Nation's are the foundations for our future governments, so lets bring them together as children playing together at such an early age.

Children do not hate they learn this from adults. Let my struggle to take this gift the hard way to Moscow be a token of the long road ahead. This morning I kicked a small piece of snow in the hope that this will become an avalanche of friendship between the children of our Nations."

06:30 - Facebook

"Good morning campers. Early bird catches the worm. Just rolled off 400 miles. Left to the Kapp most northerly point, must be 1,000 miles inside Arctic Circle now. Driving rain for most of them and nothings dry now. Pockets are full of water, as are the boot's. Note to self, 'If you go on an expedition don't use an old jacket with broken zips cos bin bags aint what they used to be.' Rolled off meaning as in 399 miles not the bike!"

Tuesday 9 July - FacebookWelcome to the Artic Circle

Day 6 Foot Prints.

"If everyone on the road who smiled and waved and visited this page could please like and share maybe by the time I get back to Scotland we will have the other £7,000. You need to help us help those kid's. Cheers for the donations today folk another £15 raised today we are doing well. Please keep up the efforts."

"Thanks guys its the sponsorship that I am doing this for, because in order to help children with serious life limiting illnesses I need to raise serious bucks. Coming home with the cash means we can make this worth while. Cash in the tin £79 since leaving UK.

Come on one of you companies out there please help us help the kid's. I am not going to rattle a can. I believe in choice and folk can make their own. I am trying my best. Hope you will please see clear to making a wee donation for Kirsty's Kids via the web site if you would like to. Ok thanks."

"Well done wee lass your due an oil change, gales, cold but dead chuffed. 500 miles of Arctic to go."

Monday 8 July - Facebook

Day 5 Foot Prints.

"By my calculations I am on target to make the sponsored 8,000 miles in 4 weeks. I am aware that this little bike is struggling and have stopped to carry out some repairs. I also think it would be wise to get a dry night in before the wet bit and the cold north. Turning everything off. Thanks for the masses of support. This challenge is certainly a tad character building and one thinks its getting a little fresh old chap"

"1,100 miles to go to reach the furthest out post. Then to meet our charity friends in Moscow."John geting ready to set off on the Moscow Challenge

"Kirkeness border in a few days all going OK at present. I love Norway so fantastic and incredible friendly drivers everywhere. Thanks for all the donations on Kirsty's Kids. Eeyores Endurance Challenge, I pray we reach the 15,000. Please keep sharing our page. Together we can make this figure come true. Thank you"

Sunday 7 July - Facebook

Day 4 Foot Prints.

"For every donation I see on Kirsty's Kids giving page it makes me so happy that at the end of this trip many more children can be helped by kirstyskids.org thanks everyone for the support. Hold on Eeyore we have a big bridge to cross. Great to see so many children waving to Eeyore today from Denmark. Thank you for the support."

"Good bye to Germany and Netherlands hello Denmark making up today for the ferry wait  Thanks to my Blue Knight's brother's for the massive support. See you soon when I return to Germany for the home straight."

"Thanks guys oiler working really well slight adjustment on new chain at 600 miles but less than ever before awesome."

Saturday 6 July - Facebook

Day 3 Foot Prints.

"Vodafone have barred my phone I cannot make phone calls only receive text's I spoke to vodaphone to make sure I was ok before leaving uk but instead they have barred my phone Jan please help me to make them switch it on thanks to the kind gent who let me use his phone to type this"

"I will try to check in using members of public vodaphone once again create unnecessary challenges and disrupt our challenge sorry to David Nevis Breakfast I couldn't get through. ONLY HAVE A TRACKER TILL JAN SORTS VODAPHONE CANT STOP AND WASTE ANYMORE TIME"

"Ok next stop Holland. To everyone who has helped get this event off the ground, please remember I just ride the bike its the sponsorship cash we need to help those kids and please remember the kids we help really do need our support .

Thanks P&O for providing 50% discount every bit helps".

Friday 5 July - Facebook

Day 2 Foot Prints.

"Thanks also to Penrith Truckstop who provided a "bed" for Eeyore in a quiet area round the back so that he could get a good night's sleep, and to Rosa for entertaining us after dinner."

"Massive thanks to all the truck drivers today without exception for showing the utmost respect and courtesy. cheers guys we don't go fast your patience and manner of driving was so helpful and so very much appreciated:) good night all."

Wednesday 4 July - Facebook

Day 1 Foot Prints.

Massive thanks to Stuart our website manager for adding the count down clock and all his website updates as our website volunteer. 
On Thursday 1315hrs we will be stopping into speak to David and Si at Nevis Radio on the way out. John hopes to be able to phone David at 0900hrs BST to update him during the challenge on Nevis Radio Fort William. So if you would like to you can search on the net and stream Nevis Radio each morning for updates. 

If you haven't already please show your support and visit Kirsty's Kids where you can sponsor Eeyores Endurance challenge via our Virgin Money Giving page. Thank you so much we are only as good as the support we get from the public.

Reminder that the Service of celebration celebrating the opening of the Trust 2 years to the day is open to all at Trust House Craiglea Lochailort 11am Thursday 4th July and will be preceded by Johns departure with Eeyore on the bike.