Eeyore's Future Events

Another epic adventure on the "wee 125cc" motorbike? Something to help bring charities together to help kids? Something in Africa? Sometime in 2017?

2017 - Eeyore's Africa Challenge.

2015 - See Chairs Blog October 2013.

2013 - Moscow Challenge.

Eeyore & John completed the Moscow Challenge, in July 2014, raising £15,749.74 (with your help) for Kirsty's Kids.

2011 - UK Challenge.


Why are Eeyore's Challenges only every two years?

All staff at Kirsty's Kids, including Eeyore and John are volunteers. No money raised is used to fund challenges, it all goes straight to the kids. Challenges are only possible because Eeyore and John donate their own time and sponsors donate parts, equipment, accommodation and food.