The Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust is a no overheads charity helping to improve the lives of children who are suffering from serious life limiting illnesses, children with special needs and their siblings.

We are a registered charity number SCO42871.

Our Constitution sets out our aims and values:

1. Name
Constitution of the Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust

The name of the group is the Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust hereinafter called "The Association".
2. Objects

The objects of the Association shall be:
a) To prevent or relieve poverty by enhancing the lives of impoverished children and those with serious welfare needs.

b) To provide relief for those in need by reason of ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage, by enabling disadvantages or sick children to take part in recreational activity .

In furtherance of these objects, the association will:

a) Raise funds to support the needs of children (a child in this respect is any child or young person below the ages of 17 years) who have or are suffering from serious ill health including mental, physical, physiological and emotional challenges.

b) Provide respite care holidays for the above mentioned children.

c) Distribute funds to institutions both in the UK and abroad who meet the criteria outlined in the above projects.

3. Powers
In furtherance of said objects, the Association may,

3.1 take out membership of such organisations as are considered to be in the interests of and compatible with the objects of the group.

3.2 raise money by means of affiliation fees from participating authorities and organisations, subscriptions from individuals, donations or legacies, grant-in-aid from statutory authorities, loans or other sources.

3.3 do all such other things as are necessary for the attainment of the objects.
4. Annual General Meeting
Once each year the committee will call a general meeting of the association at which it will give a report on its work and an account of the finances of the association since the previous annual general meeting.
5. Committee
5.1 No less than 3 and no more than 7 people shall be elected to the association's committee at each annual general meeting. These individuals shall be named individual drawn from the Ordinary Membership of the association and shall be nominated in writing by the group they are representing.

5.2 No committee member shall receive financial benefit except to meet out of pocket expenses.

5.3 The committee may invite advisers to attend meetings who shall be entitled to speak but not to vote.
6. Election of Office Bearers
At the start of the first meeting of the committee and after each Annual General Meeting the committee will from among its own members elect a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

They will continue in their posts until the following annual general meeting.

Should the Chairperson not be present at the meeting, the members of the committee present will at the commencement of business elect one of themselves to take the chair for that meeting.
7. Procedure at Meetings
7.1 Each member has one vote but only members of the committee may vote at committee meetings. Every question at a meeting will be decided by the majority of those voting. In the case of equality of votes the occupier of the chair will have a casting vote.

7.2 The quorum for a meeting is 3 committee members.

7.3 The Secretary is responsible for the keeping of minutes in which will be recorded approved resolutions and the proceedings of all meetings. A person may be appointed at each meeting as minute taker.
8. Finance
8.1 All moneys raised by or on behalf of the association and all property held by the association, shall be applied to further the objects of the association and for no other purpose, provided that nothing herein contained shall prevent the payment in good faith of reasonable and proper remuneration to any employee of the association and fees to professional and technical advisers or the repayment to members of the committee of reasonable out of pocket expenses.

8.2 The Treasurer shall keep financial accounts and s/he shall invest all of the Association's money in the bank determined by the committee. The committee shall authorise in writing up to 3 members, 1 of whom shall be the Treasurer to sign cheque's on behalf of the Association. All cheque's must be signed by at least 2 signatories.
9. Dissolution
If the majority of the committee should be of the opinion that the Association should be dissolved, the committee will call a General Meeting and make known to the membership the date and reason for the meeting, at least 21 days beforehand.

If that opinion is backed by the majority of those voting then the committee shall have the power to dispose of the Association's assets. Any assets remaining after the settlement of the Association's debts will be disposed of as the committee should deem desirable to a recognised charity or charities with similar objects to that of the Association.
10. Alteration of the Constitution
Notification of a motion to amend the constitution must either be given to the secretary at least 21 days before the general meeting at which it is to be considered or gain the support of the committee.

A motion of amendment will not be adopted without the agreement of two thirds of those voting at that general meeting.


You can download our Constitution by clicking here.