A Word from the Chairman.

John Bryden is the Chair of The Kirsty Bryden Memorial Trust.

28 June 2014:John bryden congradulates Mark talor on his cycle challenge.

Thanks to Mark taylor for making all this possible and to Team Mark!! Yes, every person who stopped and chatted to Mark on route, those who donated a pound , a penny or a "shilling", every person who provided food and comfort encouragement and support. The Blue Knights; thanks guys great effort to you to Iain and Stuart. I know your assistance was heart felt. To everyone who flashes their lights or gives a cheery wave, each one of you make the miles and the effort so much easier to bear.

This was not an athlete testing his endurance or acting on profit or reward in the spoils of athletics. This is a family man who gave up a solid week of riding trained solidly for four months, asked huge demands of himself in the extreme, while at times enduring unbearable pain just so he could give something for others. 

Mark on his heavy bike, laden with tent and equipment, has ridden from Lands end to John O'Groats like no other before him. In a full one piece Onesy dressed as Eeyore! On behalf of all the team here at Kirstys Kids we are honoured to have you with us and so incredibly grateful for this tremendous effort. I can testify that on some of the mountain roads this Iron Man rode all the way, on all the hills, not once stopping for a walk or a moan. True grit and determination.

Mark I have spent the last two day's in your company, I am absolutely honoured to have met you. "Why are you doing this Mark " I asked. " It is only a week in my life, if I can make it count and help just one child it will have been worth all the pain." He replied.

There have been many events for kirstys Kids. This is just the latest example, of ordinary people putting themselves through personal challenges in order to help us improve the lives of children who need us. 

When these challenges are undertaken none of the volunteers ever claims expenses or traveling costs. Each has done so at their own personal expense, so 100% of every penny raised goes to the kids directly. We do carry overheads, these are never met by cash donations but through people providing badges, T shirts advertising just like "All Round Signs" in Fort William.

That is such an important consideration when you give cash to Kirstys Kids, you give to the kids nothing is used for admin costs, fundraising, merchandising or (junk mail, we don't send any).

I have just met nine wonderful kids this evening. They are now off to Arisiaig to play on the beach and will be learning about our volunteers. I have a feeling some of these kids are going to be more than a little inspired by the efforts of Mark, Paul, Nick, The ladies in Ayrshire, The Mad bikers, The Three Amigos, The Blue Knights in Scotland, germany and elswhere, the Carpet, Upholstery and Rug Cleaners of America and UK. Especially Tina Macluglash. The kids who carried the motor bike to the summit of Britain's Highest mountain. There are so many to list, but you get the picture. We are a growing family of volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of children, working at the highest levels to ensure every cause is fully investigated, to negate one penny going to waste through misguided good intent. While not one volunteer, trustee shall ever take cash and profit from the misfortunes of the worlds children. 

Once again thank you Mark and everyone who has gone before you. Thanks to the other team players, the guys who wave or tick the facebook like button and share with friends. These are all volunteers on a growing International Charity. 

John C Bryden.

Chairman Kirstyskids.org