Eeyore's Africa Challenge 2017 Donate to Kirsty's Kids Africa Challenge 2017

Total time on road:
26 days 14 hours and 23 minutes.

Total milage: 6,171.1

Eeyore Africa 2017 Challenge


Click here for Chairmans Ramble on his return from the Africa 2017 Challenge.

27 September

Run from Portsmouth to Lochailort

26 September

08:01 Jan

Thats John in Englandshire now. He still has a long road to travel. Spending today at Portsmouth getting the bike back fighting fit for the long trek - and all uphill !!!! After the miles he has travelled already it feels that he is just around the corner but it is still going to be a long slog to home. Please keep him in your hearts and prayers xxxx

24 September

From John: "Facebook is full every day of happy birthday greetings. It's Jans birthday today. Instead of buying her a card I have given a donation for the Hexhog, knowing that she would approve. Happy birthday babe. Miss you, wish I was there with you. XXX.

Some folk buy race day presents for loved ones, so able bodied can drive a Ferrari on the track. Please think of donating for a birthday treat, so one of these amazing kids with serious illness or assisted needs can have a chance to race on the beach.

Last nights silage dump site. Rough camping.

Rough camping in a silage dump. Woken by the rain.

Woken by the rain. On the bike and on the move again.

23 September

07:51 John

Bike won't start this morning. Gave the spare battery and charger to a remote village in Morocco, LOL.

Need to strip the bike bare and try to jump start, then repack. Give me a couple of hours.

Challenges! The guys in the village did without for years.

Never a hill around when you need one.

22 September

08:39 John

This morning's bike time has shown me THE WEE LASS is getting tired.

Damage to the wee lass. Running repairs Running repairs all fixed!

The first trip Kirsty's round Britain challenge 8053miles in 4 weeks 3 weeks in the rain.

She raised £13,000 then got 52 kids on a special adventure camp 25 kids on a special summer camp for seriously sick kids.

Then the mountain challenge was carried up to the summit of Ben Nevis and down again. Team of volunteers many youngsters all put in the most incredible effort to show team work can achieve what seems impossible.

The the Russia challenge across the arctic circle Siberia and Moscow back via the Baltic's Latvia Lithuania Estonia Poland all in 4 weeks we raised £13000 new beds for children's hospice. Special equipment for assisted needs. And 38 respite care family weeks.

This trip is going well THE WEE LASS raising cash for kids was our patron Kirsty's dream.

I thank everyone for continuing to donate together we are changing the lives of children in serious need. Please help me raise the cash for the Hexhog All Terrain Wheelchair. The wee bikes getting tired.

21 September

18:10 Webmaster

John has made it to Bordeaux in France, but he is done in. The wee bike needs an oil change. No GPS plots today as the machine fell into a bag this morning and was packed away.

20 SeptemberMorning over the Portuguese / Spanish border.

Morning over the Portuguese / Spanish border.

19 September

10:23 JohnEeyore's camp in Portrugal

549 miles to the north coast of Spain come on Eeyore time to put some miles in, hope we get more donations for the kids today how about it shoe, what do you think. Yesterday's donations were overwhelming. Let's hit the road maybe some more will come in.

18 September

Still riding THE WEE LASS hope we can get the total before Eeyore gets cack home. Currently in Portugal. Thanks for all the support donations count.

Single largest Challenge donation of £1,000 received today. Many, many thanks.

16 April 2017

18:02 John & Eeyore

Single largest Challenge donation of £1,000 received today. Many, many thanks.

16 April 2017

18:02 John & Eeyore

It has been incredible helping in each village I attended. I have not stayed overnight with anyone but spent days helping provide the chance for kids to read. One village can now recharge batteries after helping them generate power to recharge 12v car batteries. It's been a great week.


Jan is having issues accessing Facebook, but has asked me to thank everyone who has donated money to help Kirsty's Kids. Every penny is going towards the HexHog.

OK, John isn't going to make it to Cape Town. The current political situation in Africa and elsewhere have conspired against him. He HAS made it to Africa, on a "wee 125 cc motorbike" that is a challenge and a great feat in itself. John's motive for attempting it worthy of our support.

"John feels he has learnt a lot and the village he staying at in Morocco made it worth the trip, just to be able to help some villagers and the children there.

John is absolutely shattered and isn't feeling too good. He has now left Africa and is resting his weary body for two days before he makes the long trek home."

At the time of posting YOU have helped raise £5,000 of the £18,000 target (27%). Again THANK YOU.

If you haven't donated and wish to do so Google "virgin money giving" click the "" link, search for "kirstys kids" , then click on "Make a donation", or click the link at the bottom of this post. Any amount will be gratefully received. Remember as John says, "Every single penny goes to the kids".

There are a number of pages on the web site which shows Eeyore and John GPS locations over the entire trip, there are links to donate and other information.

John still has a long journey ahead of him. Any support financial or other bikers simply escorting him for a few miles will boost his morale and help make it all worthwhile.

From eeyore, John and Jan THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.


15 Sep 2017

20:07 John & EeyoreKirsty's Kids in Morroco

Having the ability to read we can go to a supermarket in Europe and buy these specs for a Euro 1 Euro to help kids and their parents to see. Please keep donating. Thanks all my gratitude to those who are helping.

14 Sep 2017 John & Eeyore

Still working guys and still in Africa please keep donating.

Eeyores location on the Globe

13 Sep 2017 Webmaster

Eeyore & John driving along the Morocco / Algerian border looking for a way in?

12 September 2017

18:28 Webmaster

John has signaled that he is "OK".

11 September 2017

18:30 Jan

Well John is certainly stuck - he has tried every which way to get in but now he has been told the borders to Algeria are closed in and out. Unless Open Sesame works it looks as if this is as far as he can get - unfortunately it could now be a long tiring trek home - and it is still a long way to go. To all KK friends and supporters I ask you to please keep watching and support him on his weary way home. No one could have tried harder than this man. It was a huge challenge, not only the distance but also the terrain. If there had been a way in he would have found it.

10 September 2017

18:44 Jan

John is camping the night in Marakesh. Nothing but dry mud and sand. Thinking he will have to change tyres and chain soon. Still heading south.K.

08:28 John & Eeyore

Refuelling (breakfast) let's see how far we can get Eeyore we are not done with this challenge.

9 September 2017Eeyoree makes Morroco.

19:27 John & Eeyore

Hello Africa. How does "Highlander does Dakar with Eeyore on 125" sound? 

12:26 John & Eeyore

Having arrived near to the port for Africa it has been confirmed that political unrest between Algeria and Morocco prevents travel into and out of these countries visa or otherwise it is not permitted.

The Algerian border landlocked the Border to Libya.

Marrakech lays open the Sahara desert and the frontier which is impossible to cross on the little bike lack of roads and the borders with The Ebola crisis in the west being closed to foreign travel is causing me to seek all possible routes. It may be that world political issues and global conflicts block my passage. It is possible for wealthy individuals to fly special off road bikes by air cargo and travel in South East Africa for recreation and documentary films. It is however seemingly impossible to cross the African continent privately with or without visas. A sad state of affairs for this planet we call home. Perhaps one day mankind will find peace in the world.

8 September 2017

Africa Challenge 2017 - Spain Africa Challenge 2017 - Spain Africa Challenge 2017 - Spain Africa Challenge 2017 - Spain

23:03 John & Eeyore

Wiring short found had to strip the plastics off and unload just gone 11pm tomorrow's another challenge waiting to happen Sun shine and sweaty biker at the ready.xx thanks for the support guys.

20:24 John & Eeyore

Come on WEE LASS....her wee clutch cable and now her lights have gone. 70 miles from Malaga. Anyone who knows this road and it's viaduct understands that It's a bit of a challenge in the dark. Her lights have just gone out bless her. Tinkering time. No bed tonight it wasn't ever going to be easy. Bring it on.

12:45 John & Eeyore

Kicked a bit but not beaten yet. Heading for Morocco and the Sahara desert, to take it from there please keep donations coming for Kirsty Kids. To Kirsty all sick and needy children were hers. She'd say, "is it ok to take a week off to help my kids." It is good keep helping them. In her name. Thanks.

12:37 John & Eeyore

Heading out of the British Embassy unable to give me advice on safety issues or political issues to corroborate this information. Time to wing it to Morocco

11:26 John & Eeyore

Ok folks just been sent packing From the Algerian embassy. It is not for Scottish people only for Spanish. The officials told me due to current unrest Morocco borders are now closed no one, even Spanish with a visa, can enter Algeria from Morrocco.

11:37 John & Eeyore

No mate they can't issue a Visa for Algeria. Also, Algerian borders entry to Algeria from Morrocco is currently impossible. Looks like Libya is the only way but don't look like they will allow me entry. Sierra Leone closed due to Ebola and military unrest according to information received this morning. I will do my best but it might be a bit like Steve McQueen in the great escape lol.

07:19 John & Eeyore

Heading for the Embassy wish me luck

7 September 2017 John & Eeyore

OK, this morning got off to a good start and we headed onwards. Strong head on winds made riding very difficult. THE WEE LASS needs to be treated with TLC.

Eventually realised that I wouldn't make the Algerian Embassy. It's either sort it now or travel across Morocco to the west, then go back east doing the country twice.

THE WEE LASS started to complain she developed a shudder. Not surprised with the traffic in Valencia City Centre. She was in a rat race.

Decided that as I couldn't make the Embassy before closing, that we would head for the mountains. Somehow it's always easier to find a quiet spot in the hills to strip and repair the bike in peace. Couple of hours will have her sorted and then I can head on to the Embassy tomorrow. Hope to have a Visa by tomorrow evening.

Thanks for the donations made me feel good.

6 September 2017 John & Eeyore

OK, so far so good Scotland, England, France now well into Spain day 6, with one day spent on repairs and waiting for the ferry. Please keep donations coming in we need to get this Hexhog for the kids.

My cooker broke yesterday, so hours wasted searching for another. Settled for a wee gas one, which means now I can't save space by using bike petrol to cook. Challenges.

5 September 2017Africa Challenge 2017 - Spain

Thanks for the inspiration folk nothing like the feeling of having support back there to keep the old wrist wringing out the throttle. Done for the night though. Xxx

3 September 2017 John & EeyoreAfrica Challenge 2017 - Spain

Ferry departing this evening from Portsmouth to Le Harve. Only a couple of ferries each day. It was decided that the 11pm ferry would be better, as it gets into Le Harve at around 8am. Whereas if Eeyore had taken the earlier one, he would have got there in the early hours and to find somewhere and pitch a tent wouldn't have been easy.  Hence his early break.

2 September 2017

Late John & Eeyore

Ferry departing this evening. Thanks to Rita Dave for looking after John overnight. Also, to Nikki and Jon for booking the ferry, helping with the repairs and ferrying John to the bike shop for helmet and spares. A great first leg through UK completed next stop France.John at J&S Portsmouth

15:17 John & Eeyore

Helmet collapsed! Thanks J&S for the 10% discount. Heading to change the oil and carry out repairs this afternoon.

08:52 Webmaster


1 September 2017

19:53 Webmaster

Location - M6 Preston Bypass, near Fulwood

10:00 John & Eeyore

Location - Lochailort, Highlands, Scotland.

John starts the long journey soJohn starting out from Lochailortuth. "Cape Town here I come."

09:03 Jan

The gang are just eating breakfast so I reckon they will be ready to go around 10.00.

Thats it !! The day has come.  Dont like this one but hey ho if you cant take a joke and all that.

I know if anyone can do it John could well be that man - if they let him through the borders.

27 August John & Eeyore
After a full road test today and time spent ironing out a few gremlins, the balance on the bike is perfect. It feels responsive and well behaved on the bends. Best speed on GPS and Speedo 59mph, down hill. As the tires wear out the back rest will diminish.

So far so good thanks to those who have donated. Still £15,000 to raise to buy a Hexhog for the kids.

If you would like to sponsor Eeyore please click the badge above. Thanks.

Cape Town here we come.

John.Kirsty's 125 cc bike loaded for Africa.

26 August Jan
John is going to go to Mallaig today as a test for the Eeyores Africa Challenge 2017tracker and weight distribution !!!

John is going on the Africa Challenge to raise money for a Hexhog that will allow children to climb the hills and go along the shore with their parents and siblings.  They cost £18,000.

He is aware of the recent problems in Africa which will make the challenge more so - especially in South Sudan where there are thousands of refugees trying the flee the country and he will be trying to get in !!!  (If he does get in there is always the possibility that he wont be able to get out again)

The main objective is to get to Cape Town but it may be a case of seeing how far he will be allowed to get.